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Artificial Intelligence has changed marketing forever. Have you evolved yet?

Harness the True Power of AI to become a GOAT Digital Marketer

Execute full-blown Marketing Campaigns Faster, effectively and with much more efficiency using AI

Other ChatGpt Prompts

🙁 Limited Options: 
Stuck with shallow, basic fill-in-the-blank questions that fail to address your specific needs.

🙁 Approach without process:

Lacking clear steps and guidance, leading you to feel lost and frustrated with poorly structured prompts.

🙁 Lack of Context: 
Missing essential background information, causing outputs to be less relevant and way off the mark

🙁 Impersonal approach: 
Generic prompts that don't cater to individual needs, goals, or content preferences.

🙁 Unreliable output & poor quality: 
Results may vary widely in terms of relevance, coherence, and format which provides a pathetic output and totally irrelevant 

Smart Ai Prompts

😎 Deep Customization: 
Delivers expertly crafted prompts with person simulation, task clarity, steps, context, constraints, goals, and output formats.

😎 Process Perfected: 
Structured guidance that ensures efficient and effective completion of tasks.

😎 Accurate Context: 
Provides essential background information, resulting in more accurate and relevant content which gives you the perfect output

😎 Personalized Touch:
Tailored prompts process that will help you achieve your preferences  based on your business objectives, goals and content requirements.

😎 Consistent with High Quality:
Our prompts will Deliver reliable, engaging, and well-formatted content to meet your expectations.

SMART AI PROMPTS will fulfill your content creation needs like you have hired a top digital marketer at your disposal for a price of a copy to help you achieve new heights.

AI is the Biggest Shift of this decade  for Digital Marketers because

AI can understand large data faster, interpret it and give responses that are simple to understand by Humans.

Moreover, it does not need to take breaks, sleep, or struggle thinking. It simply can keep on working non-stop without any human limitations.

Its capabilities are barely scratching the surface, and it can go through enormous data and crunch the most relevant information and provide it back to you in a matter of just seconds.

It can provide you with a high quality output within seconds of asking a question.

Imagine being able to write a full-blown sales letter within a matter of 2 hours

Imagine being able to write a follow-up email sequence in just 30 minutes

Imagine being able to produce 5 high quality ads in literally less than 45 mins

Imagine being able to write a full-blown youtube video script in less than 20 minutes

Imagine being able to make a Social Media Content Calendar for entire month in under 30 mins

Sounds Good ?


Let me explain...

🤖AI is dependent on
Humans for Inputs to give back Output.

👉🏻These Inputs are called as Prompts.

👉🏻If a Human gives an
average prompt,
then AI will deliver a bad Output.

It means you are not able to Exploit AI to it’s full Potential.

And Surprisingly…

93% Digital marketers are NOT using ChatGPT to it’s full potential because of feeding it with BAD PROMPTS

Even missing out a few words or details in your prompts can give you completely different results, I mean it can 

Give you bad content or totally irrelevant copy which has nothing to do with what you were looking for, or it can cook up information which is totally useless.

You can ask it to write a google ad but it might end up spitting content which does not fit in any parameter and such scenarios can lead you down a spiral of junk and give you a headache.


If you enter the 

CORRECT INPUT in the correct way
(Great Prompts),

it can provide you with a fantastic output. And in turn it leads to:




To: All Future GOAT Digital Marketers

From: Aarish Tinwala (An Agency Owner working with 500 Clients)

3 months ago when I first discovered CHATGPT, I was like WOW - this is a game changer !

This will make my life and work so damn easy and profitable 🙂

Soon enough, I was left with nothing but DISSAPOINTMENT.

I kept on entering prompts in the ChatGpt and…

…it kept on giving me stupid outputs which were totally different or extensively long

I had to sit down and filter content which was like hunting needle in a haystack and I started thinking, it is only good at a handful of things, But the Geek in me kept on running different tests.

And after extensively testing more than 35,000 various forms of prompts & shortlisting, I found a combination and format that actually works…

...i can finally say that I learned the hidden prompts format which gets you the most precise and spot on results every single time.

Because of which, now my Agency is running smoothly with amazingly built Library of Prompts which me and my employees use day in day out, popping outstanding results for our Clients.

And now I want to share this library with my other fellow GOAT MARKETERS so we can all evolve together and use the biggest opportunity of the decade to our Advantage…

So let me introduce you to

Smart AI Prompts library is a collection of my
Super Prompts which can enable you to:

Leverage AI in your Workflow effectively every single day 
Pop Out Winning Ads, Emails, Sales Letters, Video Scripts in a matter of Minutes
⭐ Stay Ahead of the Curve and Be the GOAT Marketer
⭐ Do your Work Faster, Serve Clients at a Lesser Cost
⭐ Produce Quality Marketing Work in less time

Already Smart Enough to know that this is what you Needed?

Here is a glimpse of what’s possible with Smart AI Prompts Library:

Using the Same Smart Prompts Library. me and my Team generated results like these.

Calculate How much Time & Money AI Can Save For You ?

AI Saving Calculator


Smart Prompts work in just 3 Simple Steps:

Step 1 - Simply copy the Prompt you want to Use to get the desired Marketing Output (Like Writing Email, writing Ad, writing video script)

Step 2 - Simply paste it into ChatGPT and Press Enter 

Step 3 - Oh there is no Third step, you already have the magical content you put the prompt for…


What our customers say !

AI won’t be able to beat a Marketer for now, but a person using AI can definitely outperform the one not using it.
Don’t be left behind.

Enough Said, Let us show you What you are getting Inside the Digital Smith Smart Prompts Library:

500+ Personalized Chat GPT prompt template generator 

to get the precise content in every case scenario

250+ AI Copywriting Prompts & Questions,

each carefully crafted copy paste templates to help you generate the top 1% of advertising content with the relevant marketing model.

50+ Prompts & Questions to build your email marketing strategy

covering all aspects to land in your customers inbox and peak his interest

50+ Prompts to build high ticket programs

or incorporate them into your existing product or funnel 

7+ Chat GPT chrome extensions

which will exponentially speed up your content generation process

Step Wise guide on how to use free extensions

to get reference ideas and quickly generate content in less than 15 mins

List of 10+ AI tools which others are yet to catch onto

and you can make the most of them now.

20+ Language tones to get the perfect language outcome

output relevant to your target audiences 

You can either Adapt, Evolve and profit from this opportunity that is going to make a handful of “fast-movers’ RICH! 

Or you can be left behind and find yourself chasing the AI while it's already gone ahead.

We are not done yet, If you choose to Act Today… 

You will also be getting access to these Fast Action Bonuses as a token of appreciation from our Side

Fast Action Bonus 1:
Get 200+ Super Prompts to unleash hidden potential of ChatGPT

Fast Action Bonus 2:
100+ Prompts to create social media strategy for organic growth

Ready to become an AI Powered Marketeer ?

Here is a RECAP of everything that you get inside the Smart Prompts Library Bundle Today:

500+ Personalized Chat GPT Prompt template generator.

200+ AI Content Prompt templates for getting top 1% advertising content.

200+ Copywriting prompts built using the best copywriting models & methods.

50 Prompts to build your email marketing strategy.

50 prompts to build a high-ticket program.

20+ list of language tones for AI to give you content based on that tone. 

7+ Chat GPT Extensions.

Lifetime updates & new prompts & Templates added every week.

₹1999  ₹ 999/-

What is SMART AI PROMPTS & why do I need it?

Welcome to the world of ChatGPT! Which is a chatty language model that loves to deliver top-notch results, but also pretty picky about our language. One misplaced word and things can get wonky!

But fear not, dear friend. With our SMART AI prompts, you'll be able to unlock a whole new world of ChatGPT goodness that you never knew existed. While your competitors are busy typing away, you'll be sitting pretty, basking in the glow of our expertly crafted responses.

So what are you waiting for? Let's chat it up and see what ChatGPT can do for you!

How does SMART AI PROMPTS work?

SMART AI PROMPTS uses CHAT GPT AI technology to suggest ideas for content creation based on the target audience, product, and brand. These AI-generated prompts are specifically designed to help you come up with fresh and relevant ideas in seconds.

Is it easy to use SMART AI PROMPTS?

Yes, it's incredibly easy to use SMART AI PROMPTS. Simply follow the prompts provided by the product and let the AI technology suggest ideas for content creation based on your needs.

Will SMART AI PROMPTS replace my job?

Absolutely not. SMART AI PROMPTS is designed to work with you and help you generate high-quality content faster. It's a tool to enhance your creativity and productivity, not replace it.

Can I get a refund if I'm not satisfied with SMART AI PROMPTS?

Yes, we offer a money-back guarantee if our Smart prompts fail to generate better content than manual writing within 7 days.

Can I use SMART AI PROMPTS for any type of content?

Yes, SMART AI PROMPTS is designed to work for any type of content creation, including but not limited to advertising copy, blog posts, social media content, and more.

Do I need any special software or equipment to use SMART AI PROMPTS?

No, SMART AI PROMPTS is a digital product that can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. No special software or equipment is required.

Will This work with other AI Chatbots?

Yes, This language model is designed keeping the way AI works and these prompts will work on any other big chatbot out there

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